Early Morning, Late Summer


Summer has ripened and is ready to move into fall. We now have foggy, chilly (sometimes frosty) mornings with the sun rising later every day. It can seem a sad time, as we love our summer pleasures, of hot days, long, warm evenings, beautiful flowers, birds and insects all around us. But this 'shoulder' season has a beauty too. The late sunrise means that I am close to being able to see it again (not an early riser any longer), and that for now I get to see the rays of morning light pouring over the trees into the back field, highlighting the tussocks of late summer vegetation.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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  1. Isn't it great, +Dylan Johnson ? I feel the same way. Thanks very much.

    +Marilou Aballe – thank you very much.

    +Alan Gauld thank you, I liked it too. Strangely, the light falling on those small shrubs with uncut grass growing up around them did make them look like old fashioned hay stooks! But we don't see those here either, except at a farm museum, perhaps.

    +HQSP Landscape – thank you, it was my pleasure.

    Thanks a lot +Lance Emerson Photography

    +Heiko Mahr thank you, my friend. 😀

  2. +Christina Lihani – that's why this time of year is so precious to me, as I get to see the dawn again. Thanks a lot. 😀

    +Robert Franklin – thank you.

    Thanks very much +Stephen Thackeray

    +Annette Junge Daugaard 🙂 ❤

    Thanks so much +Diana Boyd

    Thank you very much! +Alex Lapidus 😀

    +Gary Whitehouse – thanks a lot!

    +Margaret Tompkins and +Landscape Photography thanks very much Margaret, your share is very much appreciated.

    It really does, doesn't it, Linda! Thank you. +Linda Jess

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