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It seems to have been (actually it has been) a long time since I last sent an email notification about new posts, I know. There was a problem with the plugin that I use and I wasn’t sure that postings would go out as expected. On top of that I was suffering with a few health issues, which I am hoping are under control.

Black and white image of a woman with white or fair hair holding some broccoli and smiling into the sun.
Hello all! Here I am in a photograph taken in my garden a week ago, while I was picking broccoli.

I plan to be posting here again probably on a daily basis, old and new photographs. Some will be flowers, as I get such pleasure from them, but there will be animals, landscapes and possibly some abstracts. If you would rather not receive almost daily updates, please don’t hesitate to unsubscribe using the link in your email or by emailing me directly.

Here are a couple of posts that I have made here in the past few days that you might like to see:

Sunset in Baxters Harbour

And this one, a foggy scene of a walk of mine in the fog a few years ago:

Country Walk in the Fog

Warm regards to all,


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