Nova Scotia

Winter Dykes at Sunset 2018

View across the dykes from Canning Main Street - Ellie Kennard 2018
View across the dykes from Canning Main Street – Ellie Kennard 2018

A walk in the bitter cold last night had to last only 30 minutes. We were invited out to supper and Joni needed a walk. I didn’t dare walk in the woods or fields as the snow had melted and then frozen into ice that was too risky to negotiate so I just walked from home down into our town. I set the timer for 15 minutes and turned to go back as it rang. This is what greeted me and I remembered how lovely this Nova Scotia landscape can be. Winter has some of the best light I think.

Golden Beach Foam at Sunset

Golden Beach Foam at Sunset - Ellie Kennard 2014
Golden Beach Foam at Sunset – Ellie Kennard 2014

A golden gift for my readers today!

Original Post: January 22, 2015

There are moments of special light where the world is tinged with gold. This was a moment when we turned around on the beach walk, ready to head back. The beach was rimmed with golden crests to the low waves breaking on the shore. The effect only lasted for a moment or two and then the moment was over.

Minas Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada – Kingsport Beach.

It’s hard to believe that this was taken on November 23, 2013. Today, on December 18, we are covered with snow. I suspect that the scene on this beach in Kingsport Nova Scotia will look a little different today.

Although this was posted on Google+, it was never brought into my blog as it was posted in a private community. So here it is! I found it while searching for a photo that fit the theme of “Waves” for a Join in Daily group.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!


After the Harvest - Ellie Kennard 2012
After the Harvest – Ellie Kennard 2012

Almost exactly 6 years ago today, as part of my 2012 project, I photographed a favourite scene, with bare fields and that lovely old barn in front of the misty valley behind.

Today it is most definitely not 19 degrees, as with the windchill factor it will feel closer to -18!

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November 13, 2012 – 318/366 – After the Harvest

I photographed this farm from the other side, in the Spring (see below), showing rolling fields in front of it, and an eagle perched in the branches of the tree we see here on the far right. This time I was driving past on the other side and there was a lovely haze behind the scene, leading down to the dykelands beyond. The harvested stubble in the front had a lovely almost spiky, shiny quality setting off the slightly dreamy, misty landscape behind.

It was 19 degrees today, which probably accounted for the haze and mist in the Valley. It won’t be this warm for long, that is certain.

This is image #318 for my participation in the Creative 366 project on Google+

The Farm, with Bald Eagle - Ellie Kennard 2012
The Farm, with Bald Eagle – Ellie Kennard 2012

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March 20, 2012 – 80/366 – The Farm, with Bald Eagle

I have been looking at this scene every time I drive back from our shopping centre town, knowing that I wanted to capture it. Today there was such a lovely bank of low clouds over the “North Mountain”, framing the trees nicely that I had to stop and photograph it. It was only when I got it into the computer that I spotted the bald eagle in the tree by the farm house. This scene is so representative of the Annapolis Valley, so very Nova Scotia.

Image #80 for my participation in the Creative 366 project on Google+

Still Frozen

Still frozen, but bubbling underneath! You know what it’s like when you just can’t do what you want, for whatever reason. It feels a lot like this waterfall that has been stopped by the cold, but you know it’s bubbling underneath as you can see the stopped drama, waiting… then just as soon as it gets warm, all of the energetic vitality that flows beneath will be released in a torrent!

Baxter's Harbour Frozen Waterfall - Ellie Kennard 2017
Baxter’s Harbour Frozen Waterfall – Ellie Kennard 2017

This baby waterfall is in Baxter’s Harbour, not far from where we live. I have photographed it before, but always in the summer. The tide is fairly high here, lapping at the base of the ice, as if trying to coax a thaw. This photo seemed a natural follow-on from my post yesterday of the frozen flowers.

Experimenting with Patterns

Experimental Crop Fields, Hillaton, Nova Scotia - Ellie Kennard 2016
Experimental Crop Fields, Hillaton, Nova Scotia – Ellie Kennard 2016

Almost every time I drive past this scene I want to photograph it. It’s so close to where I live that I pass it several times a week, so I suppose it’s a good thing I don’t give in to this impulse each time or my hard drives would be filled with images of these experimental fields. And you, dear viewers, would be tired of them… But maybe you wouldn’t be bored, but would be as drawn to them as I am. The attraction of this scene is the constantly changing designs, growing over the original hard work of the farmer. In the spring the patches look wonderful with the neatly plowed rows and squares, then come the patterns of the sprouting crops in their straight lines; in the summer the grain varieties grow at different rates, but the overall look still remains crisp and defined in the blocks so carefully arranged by the planter. There is even a little, older tractor that is used to cultivate these as they are too small for the monster vehicles normally used in modern day agriculture (and by the same farmer on different fields).

So although I am pretty sure that I have shared an image of this scene previously, I hope you will indulge my obsession and enjoy an October evening view as the fields are ready for harvest. The foreground is an expanse of soy as a foil to the crops behind. Two days after I took this, the soy was harvested and it all looked different again.

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It’s Not Just About the Moon

Supermoon with Clouds, Minas Basin, November - Ellie Kennard 2016
Supermoon with Clouds, Minas Basin, November – Ellie Kennard 2016

When we were out photographing the moon last night, Steven said something that resonated with me when I saw this image. He said “it’s not only about the moon, it’s about what’s around and under it”. And this photo is about the moon, but also about the clouds, the light reflected on the waters and the shining mud of low tide, as well as the tiny lights glimmering on the shore on the other side of the bay.

It’s so much more than just a beautiful big moon. It’s what it’s all about when I’m out with friends, in beautiful surroundings, in the still of a cold night as the moon rises through the clouds over the Minas Basin, in Nova Scotia.

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Farm Seasons Changing to Fall

The Crops Safely Gathered in - Grand Pre Nova Scotia - Ellie Kennard 2016
The Crops Safely Gathered in – Grand Pre Nova Scotia – Ellie Kennard 2016

For every photograph that I take, there are far, far more that I miss. They are the pictures stored in my memory, ready for when I plan to go back and spend the time it takes to get it right. They are the ones that got away because the scene is never there again. That first time, the light was just right, the elements all came together in a pattern or shape that was perfect, or something else about it made that moment (as every moment) unique. You can never get it back. As we drove by this scene at the end of the summer, the light and dark lines in the harvested fields, cresting the curving hills really made me want to photograph it. Unfortunately each time we were passing it we were in a hurry to go somewhere and it is right on the main highway, making a sudden stop a dangerous manoeuvre. So every time I had to content myself with looking longingly at the curves of the landscape and the straight paths left by the mower, the big round bales and the smaller squared ones.  I knew that soon these would be gathered in and the green growth would blur the clean look of the field, the impression of all the elements flowing like meandering streams down the hill. On this particular weekend we set out specially to catch it. We had to stop on the side of the busy highway, with cars and trucks rushing past and the wind they created making it difficult to be still enough for the photograph. I had a long walk to get to this particular vantage point (sorry on the one hand that I had not brought my tripod, but also glad as it would have been so heavy to haul along the shoulder of the highway) and the day itself was a very blustery one as you see by the sky. I could already feel the shift of the season beginning with the gathering in of the crops. continue reading

The Night After the Night Before

Hunter's Moon Super Moon with Clouds - Ellie Kennard 2016
Hunter’s Moon Super Moon with Clouds – Ellie Kennard 2016

The night of the full moon (the night after my previous posting) I went out again, this time with Steven, hopefully having overcome the technical issues, to try to get a better photo of it. That night, the elements decided to get involved and a single big cloud rose with it. There were stars around the sky in other places, so this really was a cloud dedicated to obscuring the Super Moon. I took the photo above in spite of it, as the colours reflecting off the water in the bay and the cloud around made it look more like a sunset than a moon rise. It was much darker than the night before as the sun had gone down over half an hour earlier.

From Home

After taking a few photos the cloud really thickened so that we could barely see the moon any longer and we gave up and decided to pack up cameras and tripods and head for home. As we drove away we remarked to each other that for sure as soon as we left that cloud would disappear and we would be in the wrong place to get a picture. Sure enough, as we turned into our drive, the moon was appearing above the trees at the bottom of our field. The cloud was beginning to break up and you could just see that full moon coming through, though looking much smaller than it had before. This next photo was taken from our driveway, when a ring began to appear around it, with the trees silhouetted underneath. So after this we now will choose a location for next month and wait and hope that the elements will be kind to us and the night not too cold.

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Hunter's Moon Super Moon from home - Ellie Kennard 2016
Hunter’s Moon Super Moon from home – Ellie Kennard 2016

Hunter’s Moon, Super Moon Over the Minas Basin

Hunters moon, Supermoon over the Minas Basin- Ellie Kennard 2016
Hunters moon, Supermoon over the Minas Basin- Ellie Kennard 2016

We had a fun time, Linda and I, planning our trip to try to photograph the Supermoon which was also the Hunter’s Moon this month. We chose the location to try to get the reflection of the moon in the little water that would be visible at one of the lowest tides, if possible. We also hoped to get some cliffs in the scene, but I miscalculated the position of the moon and it rose in a different place from where I thought it would so we only have the tidal flats and water in the scene. (Note to self for next time: calibrate the device for the app before using it if you hope for any degree of accuracy.)

This was the night before the full moon which was the best for getting some light into the landscape as the sun set just before the moon rose. The next night it was much darker as the sunset was half an hour before moonrise and it wasn’t possible to see much foreground.

I liked this one with the colours of the fading light from the setting sun which just showed a hint of the foreground detail and warmed the sky. The atmosphere on the horizon gave the moon the reddish tone.

We had a few other little technical difficulties which meant that most of the images from that night are not usable, but every photographic session seems to be a learning experience and we plan to try again next month on the 13th, putting into practice what we learned from that evening’s results. And I have in mind a setting where we can get some cliffs into the scene as well. What we have to hope for is the same clear weather on that night, though a few wispy clouds would work nicely, too!

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