I hope Your Day is a Blue Ball Day

Every day is a blue ball day- Ellie Kennard 2015
Every day is a blue ball day- Ellie Kennard 2015

Everyone who is following Joni’s story has heard about her passion obsession with blue balls. Here is a portrait of her with her two current favourites. (One is more of an egg shape and originally came dressed up in a cute fluffy animal cover, but that went in about 10 minutes, leaving the business part ready for play.)

I thought I should post this to show that Joni does have a comfortable time when she is indoors. She doesn’t spend her entire life in ice and snow. Though I think it’s only the blue balls and meal times that make indoor life bearable for her. (I had to break this post off three times to fetch it for her when she had bounced the blue egg out of her reach.)

I hope you all have a day as full of fun as she does with her blue balls!

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  1. Thank you Ellie! But no blue ball fun :o( I am sick since a few days and every step costs extra energy …. But I enjoy sitting in my bed with my IPad and watching beautiful images! :o)

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