Bella is definitely not camera shy. She is a sweet Shih tzu who has a way of looking at you as if to tell you that she can feel whatever pain you might be feeling and that she would love to take it away. 

I featured our cat Molly, earlier, so had to balance it by sharing this image I took a couple of weeks ago when visiting her family. 

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For #fidofriday +Fido Friday by +mel peifer +Lisa Lisa +Suhaib Ayaz +Wes Lum
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  1. Thanks +Nancy Camello  – they are pretty sweet!
    +Elaine o'neill  😀
    +Matt Kiener  +Rose Badlani  and +Catherine Beevers – she is pretty cute. I will pass on your hellos and compliments. 

    Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen +Giselle Savoie and +Sharon Stone 

    +Janet Patterson – maybe I have a special fondness for her for that reason.
    Janet Patterson11 Jan 2014
    +Mari Luukkonen – pretty cute, for sure. Thanks a lot! 

    +Kathy Kennady +Suhaib Ayaz – that face is the sweetest, for sure.

    +حمد سالم thanks a lot.

  2. +Shelly Gunderson – isn't it? I think we need to go and see Bella again very soon. We need some dog therapy.

    +Jess Newcomb – Yes! Very like.

    She is cute, and the tongue is the best part (one of them) +Doug Welch 

    +Martin Matejic – thank you. I really think she can. It was a bit of a sad visit as they had just lost their cat that day. Bella was spreading comfort.

    Thanks +Ron Clifford 

    +Gina Beck  – isn't she?
    I agree +Jacqueline Hodsdon 🙂
    There's nothing quite like it +Liliana Coman – I agree.

    Merci +Page de Paul Paradis 

    I think so, for sure +Ursula Klepper – I nearly brought her home with me, but her owners were watching me very closely and so I could not. 😉

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