Baxters Harbour Coastline, Long Exposure


Sharp Focus on Blur : 3

Plus Post Week 3 Blurs and Unsharp Photography: Guided Play 2015 by +Alex Lapidus

One of the most inspiring things about taking part in a learning experience such as a mentorship on G+ is the interaction between the participants – mentees, mentors and helpers alike. We are able to benefit from the rich and varied experiences of photographers of all skill levels each of whom is inspired in different ways to produce unique bodies of work. Everyone freely shares their expertise and their ideas and as a result, everyone grows. This has most definitely been the case in this past few weeks. I know, this is billed (quite rightly) as 'Guided Play'. But what better way is there to learn than through play?

In my case this has most certainly proved true in this past week as I finally feel that I will be able to produce certain kinds of images that have, up to now eluded me. I didn't need to buy new equipment to do this, but I did need to overcome my nervousness about using it. And thanks to the guidance and encouragement (yes, and the joking and laughing) of my fellow participants, I now feel that I am able to do so without fear. I learned to set up my tripod quickly (don't laugh, it can be a little intimidating when there are all those legs and knobs and levers). I learned that even though a 10 stop glass ND (neutral density) filter is very breakable, it won't necessarily smash on the rocks when I click the shutter. So I put it on and took it off to focus and put it back on and clicked the shutter and took it off.. etc etc etc more times than I can remember.I had to do it if I was going to come up with images that were half as good as those I saw being produced around me in the mentorship. And I now know that I have mastered the use of that equipment.

One of the aspects of photography that we were working on this week was the long exposure. This effect gives that lovely dreamy look of smooth, slightly misty water that you see here, moving around the rough textures of the rocks on the shoreline. Thanks to my dexterity with the tripod and confidence in using my filters and setting my camera up correctly, I took this photograph on a rather dull rainy day.

With thanks to the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers​ with +Robin Griggs Wood+Alex Lapidus​ and +Ron Clifford​ who make all this possible.

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  1. +Dylan Johnson​ some tips I learned: I needed to steady even more the already steady tripod, using heavy rock ballast in the sandbag and I used a remote trigger though a timer would also have worked. After that it was pretty straightforward. I used a 10 stop filter and stopped right down. I hope this helps.
    And thanks for your comment.

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