Aria (97/365)

Last year, when old Joni was out walking with Steven, they saw a young border collie pup coming along the path toward them. Joni was absolutely terrified at this sight, for some strange reason. It was almost as if she thought she was looking at herself in the past, as a young pup. Eventually, the next few times they met, she gradually tolerated having this pup come near her, though she pretty much ignored her.

Now this is Aria, almost a year old. And she and our young Joni are already great friends. These two border collies tear around like lunatics together, Aria wanting sticks thrown for her (as here) and Joni trying to herd Aria. It's one sure way for two young dogs to burn off some energy. 

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  1. +Elaine H – we were not going to get another, had made our minds up. No more dogs. People said a puppy would heal the pain. Part of me felt that would be disloyal to her memory, so we resisted… until we saw this video: 

    I confess that we cried through it (I did, and I am sure Steve did too.) That afternoon I called our old dog's breeder. He had a litter ready, from the same lines as our old dog. The rest is history. See my post introducing the new Joni:
    They were right. The pain is healed. And I don't feel disloyal. 

  2. Beautiful so glad they now run about together, my sofy passed 7yrs ago miss her like crazy, never got another one but now seriously thinking about it. Enjoy your meetings with Aria 🙂

  3. I think she is, too, +Shelly Gunderson 

    Bella, it is a total riot! Impossible to get a photo, normally, just caught this on the fly, +Krystina Isabella Brion 

    There are several large holes in the earth's crust around here. Now I know why! +Patrick Smith – but the only solution (apart from frisbees) to the boundless energy they have.

    Thank you Sumit.

    Thanks a lot +Leslie Sutton – you are right on the intelligent bit. She has us very well trained as we are not quite as intelligent as she is. 😀

    You are in good company +Brian sobotta 

    Thank you so much +HQSP Animals – and also for the reshare, it is much appreciated, Bella.

    Thanks +Davor Kujovic 

    Thank you +Tanya Stollznow 

    That's why we had to get her. It was very empty feeling when we lost our last one, in October, +Donna Macauley 


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