A Cat's Not in Fashion Without Hot Pink Nails


Molly loves to show off her hot pink nails, especially for her new G+ friend +Sophie Bonnet. I promised Sophie I would share this picture of my fashionable feline.

Molly, our black Cornish Rex loves craves attention and shows her pleasure by kneading and pulling at our clothes and skin when we pick her up. She's a cat. That's what they do. But we were getting sore necks and arms and my clothes were full of holes and pulls, despite regular nail trimming sessions. We read about these nail caps for cats and they have completely solved the problem. Molly gets her cuddles and we avoid the scratches. I took this last year when we first tried them on her. They don't seem to bother her, even when we put them on, so everyone is happy. And she is the height of fashion. (Rupert, who has his claws in the cushion, can be seen to be sporting purple ones, which are far more manly. Zoom in to see his.)

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  1. +Shelly Gunderson – one more thing, you get, I think, 40 in a box, and at 10 per session (except that sometimes one falls off) this gives 4 'manicures' (only put on the front paws). I think I paid less than $20.
    I wouldn't recommend it for outdoor cats as it would prevent a cat being able to run up a tree in an emergency, just as the poor little declawed ones can't.)

  2. Hi +Shelly Gunderson
    First of all, they are a perfect solution (as against a complete amputation of the first toe joint, which is what a declawing really is!)
    Secondly, yes, you can easily put them on yourself, and they just grow out with the claw. In about 4 weeks you clip them off (they remove easily with nail clippers), clip the cat's nails and put on new ones. Our cats never bothered with them, but we make a fuss of them and hold and stroke them for the first 5 minutes or so after they have been put on, while they 'set' (it's just superglue, really). They are then distracted and don't seem to notice at all, just walk off to do their 'thing'. 😀

  3. My husband was telling me about these. So you are able to put them on yourself? Do they need to be changed so you can stiff clip their nails? Do you need to buy new and how often? Hope you don't mind all the questions, look like a cool solution. They didn't mind them or try to get them off at all?

    1. Thanks Bev. Once they had them on for 5 minutes, with lots of cuddles, they completely forgot about them. Joni had hers all chewed off in pretty short order, though. 🙁

  4. +Karen Cooper – it's hard to beat Molly when it comes to being a queen of fashion. For a start, she has that naturally curly black hair that she keeps fashionably short. And those eyes. But I can understand that many would aspire to achieve her high standards. (Thanks. :D)

  5. +Sheila B. DuBois – thanks a lot, Sheila. Yes, it's sometimes hard to see a photo well on the phone, but often it's the device we have to hand! I'm glad we can zoom in (hate Instagram as you can't do that – and for other reasons, too).

    Thanks a lot +Marie, LMB – that made me smile reading your comment!

    I know, +Joyce Fay!

    +Laura B Williams they are Cornish Rex. The most obvious thing about them is their short, curly fur. There are lots of breeds of cats with long lean bodies with narrow elegant heads – most of the exotic breeds such as Siames etc. have those characteristics. But the Rex is the only one with the curls! Yours sounds lovely, too.

    +HQSP Animals and +Shannon Adelson thanks so much for the comment and the reshare. I appreciate it a lot.

    +Sumit Sen 🙂 thanks.

    Now you're onto something, +Childa Santrucek – glow in the dark would be wonderful. These ones aren't, but I bet they make ones that are. 😀 Thanks for the appreciative comment.

  6. Ok, so it’s been a busy day and I haven’t had much computer time. Also, it’s getting late…but I just HAD to check out where the headline, “A Cat’s Not in Fashion….” was going to take me. It did not disappoint. And MOLLY….such a great name. Of course it happens to be my dog’s name as well, so I’m partial. One thing though…not so sure that purple is manly. Regal perhaps. The color of kings? 🙂

    1. Ha, well Regal certainly works for Rupert! Thanks a lot Sandra. Molly is a great name (we had a dog called Molly when we lived in France). I’m glad you liked the posting.

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