A Cat's Not in Fashion Without Hot Pink Nails


Molly loves to show off her hot pink nails, especially for her new G+ friend +Sophie Bonnet. I promised Sophie I would share this picture of my fashionable feline.

Molly, our black Cornish Rex loves craves attention and shows her pleasure by kneading and pulling at our clothes and skin when we pick her up. She's a cat. That's what they do. But we were getting sore necks and arms and my clothes were full of holes and pulls, despite regular nail trimming sessions. We read about these nail caps for cats and they have completely solved the problem. Molly gets her cuddles and we avoid the scratches. I took this last year when we first tried them on her. They don't seem to bother her, even when we put them on, so everyone is happy. And she is the height of fashion. (Rupert, who has his claws in the cushion, can be seen to be sporting purple ones, which are far more manly. Zoom in to see his.)

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