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I guess I don't get out very much, as many of my photos are taken indoors and of my animals! So now those of you who have been following the progress of Joni (of the blue ball fame) will see that she is friends with Rupert. It's always handy to have a buddy who tells you when you haven't cleaned your face properly. Joni gets a bit over enthusiastic at times when playing with Joni, but on the whole it is working out well. 

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  1. +Susanne Stelle – Rupert is okay with it, or he would move away. He can easily get back out of reach of Joni. He loved our older dog we lost last October. I think he is hoping Joni will soon calm down and just be a friend to play with.

    Thanks so much +Shantha Marie Fountain 

    Ha ha +Mark GILLESPIE – No! Joni bites her own tail, not Rupert's. 😀 but she would really like Rupert to play with the blue ball with her.

    I think he quite likes Joni, +Ursula Klepper – and you are right, he bears her puppy behaviour very patiently.

    Thanks Sumit. I had to catch the moment.

    Eh oui, +Rébecca Roblin – ils sont amis!

    Thanks +Coco M – yes, our dogs and cats have always been friends together. 

    I think if they are used to the others from a young age, they don't mind, but are just a little careful of big puppy antics when the cats are getting older and less agile. +Heiko Mahr 

    Thanks +Shelly Gunderson – cuddles are not infrequent around our house. 🙂

    Thank you so much +Gisela Heeg 

    When Joni first arrived, Rupert was about the same size, maybe a little bit taller. You are right, she is making him look small now +Joyce Fay 

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