You Didn't Believe That Joni Runs on Top of the Snow? – 52/365

I hadn’t intended to take a photograph of Joni and post it as my daily photo for my project. But the day raced away from me, fraught with problems and hassle and stress and in the end the only pictures I had managed to take were ones of Joni running across the top of the snow first thing this morning. A project is a project and so I am posting this. Besides, it ties in with yesterday’s photos of snow.

Yes, this is exactly the same snow as I stood in yesterday, sinking in up to above my knees. It’s probably 3 feet or more deep. But gradually it forms a fairly hard crust on the top and a 15 lb puppy can easily run on the surface. Not so a person, who sinks in and flounders about,, breaking through the top and losing balance on the lumpy hard layers of ice and snow beneath. I was not having nearly as much fun as she was. The next times I went out with her today (without the camera) I strapped on my snowshoes and I, too, was walking across the top of the snow! 

Joni is 12 weeks old tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you have as much fun as a puppy running across the snow on a lovely winter’s day.

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  1. She will, +Heiko Mahr – it's all a learning experience at this point in her life.
    We had a little dog who decided that she could only 'go' on the snow. As spring advanced and there got less and less snow, it became harder and harder for her (and the person on the end of the leash) to find the 'right' spot. It became quite painful until she finally resigned herself to 'going' on grass! 😀

  2. +Sunny Wu – the snow falls and is soft, but if it warms up a bit, then gets cold again, it forms a crust on the top. This can hold a 15 lb puppy, but not a person like me. So I was sinking in over my knees when she was running around on the top.

  3. 🙂 +Sumit Sen – she has to be, here.

    You got her summed up right there, +Rachel Ferris – thanks!

    +HQSP Animals and +Krystina Isabella Brion you are welcome and thank you for your support and positive comments.

    Merci beaucoup +Olivier Dupont

    +Derek Trixie Kennard – I suppose she is, in a way… 😀

    +Ursula Klepper – her ears pricked up just when I read that aloud! She is on her way (she has no concept of how far away you live, she's just a baby!) And I agree with the description!

    +Shelly Gunderson 😉 Oh yes!

  4. Thank you +Mark Plonsky – we think so.

    +DOG LOVERS Worldwide +Robert SKREINER – I am so sorry if I have caused offence. I just share photographs of my puppy / dog and do not wish to offend anyone, just to spread pleasure and happiness. I am glad you liked the photograph. The sad thing about communities is that people do not see these postings in their stream unless they follow these communities and they cannot comment.  However this is not the place for a discussion about communities. My puppy is asking to go out and I must go with her. :;-)

    +Lindi Smith – thank you so much for your lovely words about her. 😀

  5. Lovely dog and photo! +Ellie Kennard 
    We are sorry, but we don't share photos with a hashtag of a so called "dogsgallery" , which is new and has nearly no followers, maybe 50. This person is only copying our work now, which we are doing since nearly 3 years. We have serious reasons to distance ourselfs in every form from this so called person
    +Heinrich Wagner
    But you can share your photos without hashtags and mentions and put hashtags and mentions in an own comment to your post. The result is the same, that pages and persons get a notification. 
    And you can always share your beautiful photos in 
    our Community: TOP Photos on G+
    From there we share daily the best photos to our pages.
    Best regards from +DOG LOVERS Worldwide 
    Note to:
    +Robert SKREINER +Roswitha Böhmer +Thomas Henry 

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