Winter Fields, Late Afternoon – 41/365

I drove home late yesterday afternoon and passed this field that I photographed in the Spring when the new crops were just beginning to appear above the surface of the ground. The neatly ploughed rows followed the contours of the dips and swells in the land. (That image was entitled ‘Contours’ and you can see it here )

Now all the crops are harvested and the land is covered in a cold protective blanket, waiting for the Spring to release the icy grip of winter. And so this time it is the rows of frozen corn stalks that show the contours of this land.

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  1. +שלמה ארגוב תודה

    Thanks so much +Mari Luukkonen – I'm sure that light with that snow and cold are something you are very familiar with. Except perhaps not so much as you are so much farther North than we are and don't get so much light in the winter as we do. We are on a parallel with Bordeaux, which most people don't realize.

    +Heiko Mahr – thank you my friend. I know you love to see winter scenes and I frequently think of you when I am taking them. 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot +Ursula Klepper – I loved the lines too, that is what I was trying to feature, I'm glad it worked. The transverse shadows come from a line of tall poplar trees that edge the graveyard that is next to this one (stuck in the middle of the farmland, not connected to any church or anything). The spring photo was taken during (and for) the landscape mentorship, you probably remember. 🙂

    +Jonny Tafft 😀

    Thank you very much, +Margaret Tompkins and +Tom Hierl  – my pleasure to share with your theme.  

    +Giselle Savoie and +Mark HELM – thank you so much for that! 🙂 I always appreciate an inclusion and share from the +Photo Mania Canada people!

    +Carin Bruce – it probably looks nicer to feel than it was to feel. 🙂 Fingers get pretty cold on a cold camera at this time of year. But I'm glad it gave that feeling.

    Thank you +Sumit Sen 

    Getting clouds, dogs etc. to pose for me as I want seems to be one of those talents I have +Janet Patterson – I'm glad you like it. I have to be careful not to cause accidents when I spot these scenes. Fortunately the one car that goes by each hour on that road was mine that time, so the risk was minimal. 

    Thanks very much +Ronewa Art Gallery LLC 

    +Andrea Buckland – thank you.

  3. This is such a wonderful winter scene, so peaceful and calm! And I love the lines, both the ones from the stubbles and the ones from the shadows which are transverse to them!! … and the white! :o)
    The image of the summer fields is also cool!

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