Valentine Had a Job to do Today – for Joni – 55/365

Valentine had a story that started badly. She was bred to be a fighting dog, as she was a bull mastiff cross breed. As a puppy she had duct tape put around her muzzle so they could do horrible things to her, to make her mean in a fighting environment. She suffered cruelty and hardship. But Valentine's story has ended well. She was rescued and lives in a loving and caring environment. She never did become mean, but is a really gentle softie. She is a dog who works, but her work is one of a more positive nature. She works for the Invisible Fence company, as part of the training they offer.

She came to our house today to do a job. It was Joni's final day of training. She had to be tested by having a strange dog walk just outside of her boundaries, to see if she would try to break through them. Valentine was the dog for the job. They met up and Joni (just in the background in this picture) fell in love with Valentine. They played and ran around together. But then Valentine was led outside of the boundary. And Joni did not try to follow. She passed her test with flying colours. So this lovely dog, rescued from what would have been a life of fear and aggression and misery now has a happy life, with a family who love her and enjoy her company. And she meets lots of new dogs, doing her job perfectly with her lovely calm nature.

And now that Joni passed her test, she is free to run around her property as she likes, with no fear of going near the road, nor of straying onto a farmer's land, or into the woods where there might be hunters. Valentine went home with her owner. Another job well done.

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  1. +Thanks so much +Patricia dos Santos Paton  – I'm glad you liked both.

    Thanks so much +Robert SKREINER and to +DOG LOVERS Worldwide along with +Roswitha Böhmer, yourself, and +Thomas Henry I want to thank you for your support and the resharing of the image. 

    +Jacqueline Hodsdon – too many are indeed heartbreaking from start to end. This is a refreshing change. Thanks, Jacky

    Yes she did an excellent job, with gentleness, and it was good to get that look to share with you all. Thanks a lot Ursula.
    +Ursula Klepper 

    Thank you +Cristy Sherman

    +Lisa Van Dyke – I think we all do. 🙂

    +Jeff Thieken – I hope the happy ending made you feel good. It was what I intended. Thanks for reading it, too. And you are most welcome. It was my pleasure.

    So true +Joyce Fay 

    +Christina Lihani – I know just how you feel. This story, when I heard it, warmed my heart, so I was really glad to spread a bit of good feeling.

    Not everyone is cruel, there are only a few, but they should be stopped, if only there was a way +Gisela Heeg – glad you enjoyed the happy ending.

    Thanks so much +Tanya Stollznow 

  2. Valentine is indeed very special +Thomas Henry 

    +Roy Clendaniel – she has a very kind face with gentle eyes. Abby must be lovely.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, +Darcee McCutcheon 

    You are welcome +Donna McClure – it's the kind of story I like the best, too. 😀

    +Lorna Morris Hamblin – I was too. That's why I wanted to tell her story. There are so many sad endings, that a happy one needs to be celebrated.

    Ihave passed on your congratulations to Joni, +Shelly Gunderson – thanks. 

    Thank you +Sumit Sen – you know me – it's about the story as much as the picture sometimes.

    I know you do, +Janet Patterson – so I knew you would enjoy this one. Thanks and I have passed on your bravo to Joni. 😀

    +Jeff Thieken – thanks very much.

  3. Hooray for both Valentine & Joni.  After a terrible life I'm so happy to know that Valentine has a loving home plus she gets to help others.  As they say, "a win-win".  Thanks for sharing the story & the picture.

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