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One afternoon in July, after finishing my time of volunteering at the Summer Craft Market of the NSDCC, in Halifax, just opposite the public gardens, I had taken a little walk around when I came across this scene. The lights changed as I took the image and the procession made its way across the intersection with no one taking much notice of them apart from me. I am not sure if this means of transport is a common sight in a city, but it was the first time I had seen it in use. Halifax is not a big city and the main places of interest, from the waterfront up the hill to the park are only a short walking distance apart, though admittedly up a rather steep hill. I thought what a strange thing, to not take advantage of the opportunity of exercise on such a beautiful day, by standing on these contraptions to be carried around our fair city.

These people might have come off one of the cruise ships which dock in the port, looking like high rise buildings blocking the picturesque view of the harbour. Perhaps they had sea legs and were afraid of walking on land for fear of falling down.

In any case, they fit one of today's themes nicely: #transporttuesday +TransportTuesday by +Gene Bowker +Annie Irving

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  1. I've seen smaller versions here at the Mall. No vertical post.. just the wheels and the connection between them. Probably has small gyros that sense the weight of the rider, and go forward as he leans just a bit.

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