The Rain… Falls Mainly on the Plane

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Spending a long, very rainy and stormy night in an airport with your camera has its benefits. The observation lounge was dark and quiet and gave a great view of the activity on the tarmac after midnight. Everything takes on an other-worldly look – the planes seem like toys with unnaturally bright lights and smooth toy plane like shapes.

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  1. That is flat out awesome! I have always loved looking out windows (especially at night) during a rain storm with all the drops going down the window. But next time I will have my camera with me 🙂

  2. +Ursula Klepper thanks! I was waiting for +Steven Kennard​ to get back from his trip down to the US, where he was teaching/demonstrating at the American Association of Woodturners annual symposium. His flight was supposed to get in after midnight but was delayed by several hours. Linda Jess and I waited, our cameras being used, all through that night.

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