The Last Soft Toy-122/365

Isn't this a sweet picture? (Almost too sweet?) Looks as if Joni had found her new best friend? Don't be deceived.  This was taken just before the death of Lamb Chop. In fact, if you look at this, the first part of the destruction had already started. The first soft pink ear is already being chewed off as she looks at us so innocently. This was within 5 minutes of the introduction of Lamb Chop to Joni on Saturday afternoon. I won't go through the gory details of the process, but you should know that by Monday morning she had been disembowelled and today she is a shred of fluffy fabric, minus squeakers, ears, in fact almost everything.

So Lamb Chop is the last fluffy toy for Joni. From now on it's tough toys only. Even the famous blue balls have been chewed up and eaten (at least mostly eaten). So we are in the market for some indestructibles. Any suggestions? (Preferably blue, by the way, and if they can be bounced like the blue ball, then that would be a bonus.) 

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  1. Yes, they bounce very nicely. Our Leo dog likes to throw the ball at me so I'll catch it and throw it back. If it bounces right back to him he has been known to catch it and try again 🙂

    But $35 is kinda steep. Even the $27, if you use Amazon, is on the high side. 

  2. Haha! yes they dig  – also our Mira loved it! :o) many years ago she digged herself into the soil in the back side of our garden. I looked outside and couldn't see here anywhere, so I called her name and then suddenly a black head came out of the soil … :o)

  3. Do they bounce well +Richard Ball? I mean she has learned how to bounce and catch, and was perfecting bouncing out of one side of her mouth and catching it in the other side. Those Orbee balls are $35 in Canada! (only $15 in the US).

  4. Thanks for those two ideas (linked and icy one!)  +Hugo Burnham – you always have great ones! I'm not sure that I would want blue dye on her face, but sounds a lot of fun.

    Thank you +Patricia dos Santos Paton – but very deceptive at the same time. 😀

    Almost sugary sweet, +Mari Luukkonen – and yes, I have to agree with you. Poor little Lamb Chop.

    😀 +Shelly Gunderson – thank you very much.

    +Lou McCorkle – shows how deceiving looks can be, doesn't it?

    Thank you +Ursula Klepper – dogs are the same all over the world. You have to love them. 🙂 Border collies have to be kept busy all the time or they get bored and do naughty things. Like chew up the house. Or dig. :/

    +Nina Anthony – thank you so much, Nina.

    I am going to look for those locally, +Richard Ball – they might do the trick. Meanwhile we have an orange ball which is pretty hardy. Not sure if she would lose it in the grass more easily, not being blue.

    Thank you +Sunny Wu 

    +Bill K – thanks!

    You have it in a nutshell +Patrick Smith 

    She did, +Paul Brown – and so did I, watching it, if I'm being honest. :-/

    Thank you Sumit.

    😉 +Bill Millier 

    You are so right, +Susan LaDuke – she did. And it kept her busy, just not long enough.

    Great idea, +Edward Kowalski – I will have a look in Frenchy's next time I am in there. They might have some good quality (for safety) but cheap ones.

    +Susanne Stelle – I fear I spend rather too long looking at this dog… and those eyes! 😀 Thanks Susanne.

  5. Looking at the sweet innocence of Joni in the picture, it hardly seems possible. But, as a long time dog owner, I know firsthand just how deceiving that angelic ploy can be!! But, she must have loved every minute of Lambchop's demise…….

  6. Or, just had another idea, you could colour some water with blue food dye and freeze them into ball shapes. Not indestructible but cool fun in the sun!

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