Bugshirt – the essential Frisbee Accessory-120/365

Spring and summer are such wonderful seasons and we look forward to them so much after a long, hard winter. It is so wonderful to get outside and really enjoy nature. But with the warmth come the bugs: the nasty biting black flies that hover in clouds around your head and you don't notice that you are being bitten until they have been and gone and you have a bleeding and swelling sore spot behind your ear, or in your hair, a spot that festers and easily becomes infected; the mosquitoes that swarm in the evenings and make sitting outside impossible. Games of Frisbee have to be enjoyed with full concentration, not with the constant irritation and brushing away of these pesky creatures. So here is the solution. Steven is modelling The Bug Shirt, the essential accessory to Frisbee games. With each of us having one, we can really focus on the game at hand. 😀 

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