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Spring and summer are such wonderful seasons and we look forward to them so much after a long, hard winter. It is so wonderful to get outside and really enjoy nature. But with the warmth come the bugs: the nasty biting black flies that hover in clouds around your head and you don't notice that you are being bitten until they have been and gone and you have a bleeding and swelling sore spot behind your ear, or in your hair, a spot that festers and easily becomes infected; the mosquitoes that swarm in the evenings and make sitting outside impossible. Games of Frisbee have to be enjoyed with full concentration, not with the constant irritation and brushing away of these pesky creatures. So here is the solution. Steven is modelling The Bug Shirt, the essential accessory to Frisbee games. With each of us having one, we can really focus on the game at hand. 😀 

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  1. I cannot tell you what a relief they bring, +Giselle Savoie – and I have to say that the company has the best service of any I have known for many years. The real 'wow' factor is what they aim for. The shirt I bought has a tiny 'slub' in the fabric. I called the company to see if that is considered normal. (There is no hole… yet, and possibly would not have one there ever.) They immediately told me they are sending me out another. They told me to keep wearing that one until I get the replacement. Then I can send the faulty one back (on their dime). I was impressed. But even more impressive was that before they could send out the replacement, I questioned whether or not I should have got the larger size… I wasn't sure. They told me they will send me both sizes. I am to try on the larger one to see if I prefer that fit and simply send back the unwanted one with the faulty one. Now that is a real 'wow' factor. I can heartily recommend the Bug Shirt company.

  2. Not all the time, no, don't worry. At this time of the year the blackflies are bad. May and early June. And then in the evenings in the summer when the mosquitoes are bad. But only in certain areas (not up in the higher hills around here, not in the town or city). We used to have a lot of bats that would keep the mosquito population down, but they have all died off in the past couple of years. Due to a disease, I'm sad to say. +Ursula Klepper  Mostly it's bad in the country and in the woods. Like when I was photographing the waterfall in the middle of the woods. This would have been such a wonderful thing to wear. It's very light and airy.
    In truth we have lived here for 17 years without bug shirts. But never go outside when it's at the worst and often I wished I could. Now I can. It's not at all as bad as it looks. It's very light.
    Oh yes, it's a great thing +Christina Lihani – it was a suggestion by a girlfriend that prompted me to get them.

  3. +Ellie Kennard More or less the same on our farm. Ticks, midges, biting flies. Mosquitos are not as bad as there isn't much standing water around. Esp. with the ticks we really have to watch out when working in the garden. 

  4. +Susanne Stelle – don't worry about Joni. Yes she (named after Joni Mitchel) does get attacked, at least by mosquitoes, but they don't seem to be as much of an annoyance to her. Maybe it's the speed she is running at?

    No, +Harald Walker – black flies are something else and they are around usually in May and go away when the heat comes. (The bug shirt is very very light and can be worn over very little and is meant to be worn even in the heat. The black is a fine mesh that lets air through easily, but is too fine to let insects through.)
    "black fly
    plural noun: blackflies
    1. a small black fly, the female of which sucks blood and can transmit a number of serious human and animal diseases. Large swarms sometimes cause distress to livestock and humans."

    We do get horse flies here. And we get deer flies. And ticks, which can spread Lymes Disease. On top of mosquitoes which can spread West Nile virus. Fun.

    You are very fortunate if you get none of those, +Shelly Gunderson 

    Thanks Sumit!

    +Alex Lapidus – it would certainly not go amiss. In Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, as well as Nova Scotia, the biting insects can be a nuisance and spoil the enjoyment at certain times. +The Original Bug Shirt http://www.bugshirt.com 
    Actually, a bug shirt would be useful in most places. It packs up really small and my girlfriend has just packed hers into her bags to take with her walking through the wilds of Scotland (against midges).

  5. Are those horse-flies? They are really the worst. But usually it is very hot when they are most active, so we are dressed lightly when working in the garden. 

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