The One That Didn't Get Away!


The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens features a profusion of flowers (of course) trees, shrubs and trees. Then there is the wildlife! In such a rich habitat, you didn't have to stand in one place for very long before you heard the scampering of tiny creatures, the buzzing of insects and the fluttering, screaming, chirping and whistling of birds. Before long the creatures that made all these sounds would begin to appear. I got photos of some of them, some I just couldn't get as they moved too fast or scurried in and out of the bushes and trees.

One of the most frustrating moments in that visit was when I heard the squeals of baby squirrels playing under a hedge of thick undergrowth. The sounds of high pitched delight moved quickly around the area at ground level, but they were hidden deep in the shadows and leaves. I got on my knees and waited patiently for them to put in at least a brief appearance, but they never did. In the end, with knees aching and back and neck sore from being poised at such an awkward angle, I had to give up and move on.

As if to make up for my disappointment and discomfort, this little red lady was sitting on a rock calmly eating a seed when we came by and was quite content to keep (almost) still for me while I got my camera aimed for the photo. It doesn't match a rolling knot of playful babies but it is what I got!

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For squirrel lovers everywhere and a theme which I believe is almost defunct, but in hopes that +Squirrel Saturday and +Skippy Sheeskin will find this post, I offer it for #squirrelsaturday .

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Big City Squirrel

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It has been some time since I have had anything to share with one of my favourite themes – #squirrelsaturday  and so I was really excited when I was in the big city of Toronto visiting an old friend (not really so old) to see these great black specimens running around all over the place.

I will not be here tomorrow, so am posting in advance, craving the indulgence of the kind and squirrelicious curators!

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