Close Quarters


Once you start really seeing fungi, or mushrooms, you discover that they are everywhere, in places you wouldn't have imagined. I have a friend who loves to photograph them and so on my walks around with Joni I keep my eyes open for possible subjects for her. I almost feel as if they belong to her, so I often don't take a picture myself until I have given shown them to her first to capture. On this occasion I couldn't resist them. The whole stump had perhaps 3 or 4 different varieties or stages, but these had such a wonderful thick smooth skinned clump that I took the photograph anyway.

A couple of days later my friend and I took a walk so she could see and photograph them but were horribly disappointed. Some nature vandals (we have lots of those, sadly) had kicked the whole clump to pieces. So I was just glad that I had taken this picture.

Happy Saturday everyone! It's raining here, perfect weather for growing more of these.

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