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Once you start really seeing fungi, or mushrooms, you discover that they are everywhere, in places you wouldn't have imagined. I have a friend who loves to photograph them and so on my walks around with Joni I keep my eyes open for possible subjects for her. I almost feel as if they belong to her, so I often don't take a picture myself until I have given shown them to her first to capture. On this occasion I couldn't resist them. The whole stump had perhaps 3 or 4 different varieties or stages, but these had such a wonderful thick smooth skinned clump that I took the photograph anyway.

A couple of days later my friend and I took a walk so she could see and photograph them but were horribly disappointed. Some nature vandals (we have lots of those, sadly) had kicked the whole clump to pieces. So I was just glad that I had taken this picture.

Happy Saturday everyone! It's raining here, perfect weather for growing more of these.

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  1. Oh my Ellie…poor mushrooms. Why???? Guess I’ll never figure it out. I too am so glad you captured this image while you could, and I bet your friend is too. Hope you and Joni had a great walk.

  2. Thanks so much, +Ann Kennedy – you use the term I was searching for. Squishy. Exactly!!

    Thank you +Sally&Bill Kasper and you are most welcome.

    I'm glad to have inspired you to share your lovely ones, thanks +Sumit Sen

    +Jalal.ahmad Hormz thank you for your visit.

    +Photo Mania Canada , +Giselle Savoie and +Mark HELM thanks so much. I always appreciate your reshares. 😀

    Thank you +Leonardo Hervacio Arenas I'm glad you like it.

    +Ömer Uyar thank you for your visit.

    I don't think that they can be eaten, +Ursula Klepper – though I have to say I really don't know. I wouldn't like to try unless I knew for sure. Thanks, Ursula.

    They look beautiful! Can they be eaten? ( nice story also)

    They do, don't they +Fiza Hassi !

    Alexis LaPageYesterday 12:24

    +Alexis LaPage thanks.very much.

    +Beena R – I know some do, but most take longer. The ones that weren't destroyed are still on there. And some last for years. I think it depends on the type.

  3. Great job Ellie glad you took it. When I first saw the picture I though you must have gone again. They look so different from what we saw walking the other day. I was wondering if more had grown. Beautiful shot.

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