Aging Richly


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One of the wonderful things about plants and flowers is that they have a particular beauty at each stage of their lives. We all love to see the fresh young flower buds appear, ready to burst the green skins holding them captive, perhaps with drops of dew resting on them. Then, when the petals are fully exposed, the colours have a fresh beauty and boldness that entrances us. Even, as here,when they are drying and should be fading, there is a richness, a texture, details, that somehow seem intensified by a poignancy that we can almost relate to.

As photographers no, as people we are drawn to every stage, almost as if we see mirrored in these delicate blooms the progress through our own lives. When, as here, we see a very close up view of one as this, taken with a macro lens which gives us a detailed view, we really can appreciate the fragile beauty that remains as the outside wrinkles, withers and fades from the original strong, rich blue.

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