The Essence of Rhododendron

Essence of rhododendron

Sharp Focus on Blur : 4

Plus Post Week 4 Blurs and Unsharp Photography: Guided Play 2015 by +Alex Lapidus

This week was one of the most creative ones that I have enjoyed for a really long time. From the initial lesson post by our mentor Alex, through the additional material shared by alumni and fellow classmates, it was an exciting period of learning, trying, testing and discovery as I felt myself pushing the envelope of my own personal vision. In this image I used a multiple exposure technique that did not involve any work in Photoshop, but was done in camera. I decided to photograph all around this single rhododendron bloom to show every aspect of the unfolding beauty. I took many like this, finally getting one that I felt really captured the essence of the flower. I liked how the technique darkened down the distraction of the green leaves in the background, showing still the fine details of the marking on the petals and the definition of the opening buds.

Without the mentorship experience, I might well eventually have discovered the fun and creative potential in this and the other techniques that I have learned. But maybe not. I tend to be a bit stuck in my tried and familiar methods, so this environment has really helped me to blossom and show me more sides to my own creativity.

If you ever have a chance to join one of these mentorships, do not pass it up. You will not believe how much you will grow as a photographer from the experience.

With special thanks to my fellow students as they continue to inspire me and to the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers with +Robin Griggs Wood +Ron Clifford and Alex Lapidus (again) who with their wonderful program of free mentorships make all this possible.

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