Half a Cup of Cilantro / Coriander – 25/365

I do a lot of cooking. We are vegetarian and I eat almost exclusively a plant based diet. I cook all our food from scratch and love to make meals that are interesting, tasty and full of herbs and spices as well as being nutritious. In a recent +Meatless Monday posting I came across a recipe for a vegetarian Moroccan Tagine (recipe link below).  When Steven came back from Halifax on Saturday, he brought me a set of lovely stainless measuring cups and I set about making this new recipe, using the measuring cups. I prefer to gather all my ingredients together before starting my preparations and as I chopped the fresh cilantrol leaves into the measuring cup, I thought how lovely they looked on the black stove top. So of course this is the photograph I took of it.

The recipe was a success, but in future I will make one that does not call for curry powder as such, but uses the individual spices, which will be far more interesting, I'm sure. : (

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