Half a Cup of Cilantro / Coriander – 25/365

I do a lot of cooking. We are vegetarian and I eat almost exclusively a plant based diet. I cook all our food from scratch and love to make meals that are interesting, tasty and full of herbs and spices as well as being nutritious. In a recent +Meatless Monday posting I came across a recipe for a vegetarian Moroccan Tagine (recipe link below).  When Steven came back from Halifax on Saturday, he brought me a set of lovely stainless measuring cups and I set about making this new recipe, using the measuring cups. I prefer to gather all my ingredients together before starting my preparations and as I chopped the fresh cilantrol leaves into the measuring cup, I thought how lovely they looked on the black stove top. So of course this is the photograph I took of it.

The recipe was a success, but in future I will make one that does not call for curry powder as such, but uses the individual spices, which will be far more interesting, I'm sure. : (https://plus.google.com/109740683483472985149/posts/7SXPQRkfssA

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  1. Not impossible anymore. Most restaurants offer now something vegetarian, and there great veggie or vegan restaurants to find.
    Not plenty but they are there.
    Some can always go to an Italian Restaurant to get good vegetarian things throughout the country 😉

  2. Thanks a lot +Heiko Mahr  – I think that is not easy in Germany, although where we stay when we go to Germany (Karlsruhe) there is an excellent vegetarian restaurant. Otherwise eating a proper vegetarian diet if you want to eat out is … I would say impossible. France was just as impossible when we were living there, though it might now be better.

  3. +Ellie Kennard – I do have a tip to help them last longer: Add an inch or two of cold water to a container tall enough to stand the bunch of cilantro in; rinse the bunch that you've purchased under cold water and remove the wilted pieces; cut off an inch or so of the stems and stand them in the container and keep them in the fridge. Much like keeping fresh cut flowers they can last more than a week if you keep cutting off the stems and changing the water. They get used up pretty quick in ours though. 🙂

  4. +محمد عبد الظاهر ? Not sure I get it.

    +J. Rae Chip – there are lots of good recipes posted frequently on the Meatless Monday page. And I have tons of excellent ones. Just do a little G+ search for vegetarian food and you will find lots to fire your imagination. Eating less meat is a great thing to do. I think there are also vegetarian communities on here. You can share recipes on there too, I am sure.

    +Christina Lihani – thanks so much. Glad to introduce you to Meatless Monday, too! 

    Won't be long, hopefully +Craig Szymanski – Thanks for the great compliment! I love to think of you drooling on the keyboard over it! LOL

    Thank you so much +Mari Luukkonen 

    +Tom Tran – thanks a lot. You can see I was a bit over generous on the cilantro measure, as it calls for only half a cup, We love it too, but I hate how it goes to waste if I don't use it every single day. The bunches they sell are too big. It freezes, but you can't use it for fresh afterwards. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear how to make it last longer.

  5. +Ellie Kennard I forgot you were vegetarian! We are including more and more vegetarian meals… and more to the point: less and less processed foods. I was unaware of meatless monday and now I will be circling it. Thank you!
    Your photo is quite beautiful and I can practically smell the cilantro from here!

  6. I eat a lot of veggies too….. not too good at cooking with veggies though. I'd love to get some suggestions about things the non-chemistry-inclined could maybe cook with veggies.

  7. WOW! This image is outstanding! I love everything in it, the shiny green against the black, the reflection and the shimmering measuring cup!! And I love fresh green coriander, I could eat just like that!! I am shure your cooking taste fantastic!! xo

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