Cats For Lee – Remember to always give people something to smile about if you ca…

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Cats For Lee – Remember to always give people something to smile about if you can!

We lost a lovely lady this week, a great contributor to G+, +Lee Daniels and while she was a great lover of flowers, which prompted the #fleurdelee  hash tag yesterday, she loved cats, too.
Back in December 2012, I heard that Lee, who was feeling poorly at the time, had not seen many cat photos on that Caturday.  I shared this posting for her with the photo of our Molly (a Cornish Rex cat) who was concerned for Lee. She wrote the following comment on the original posting:

"Rolling around laughing!  Hello, Molly!  You are just what I need to make my week wonderful!  And you're so gorgeous, but you know that, don't you?  I have the biggest smile right now!" 

I am glad to have given her a smile then. Remember to always give someone something to smile about if you can. 

I am reposting it for #catsforleedaniels   
#CATURDAY #happythoughtsforleedaniels   #rememberingleedaniels  

Reshared post from +Ellie Kennard

Molly is Concerned About Lee Daniels

Molly has heard that +Lee Daniels only saw 3 cats last week. It made her unutterably sad too and with her usual community spirit, she wants to help rectify that. See Lee's posting about her concerns here: 

Let's all help Lee Daniels see more cats! Molly says "Make sure you post to the Public and your circles so Lee does get to see them, NOT to communities as she can't possibly visit them all to try to find your posts. Thank you!"

For +CATURDAY!  #caturday  (even though it's not) and +Cornish Rex  #cornishrex  curated by +a kurth and myself. And for the princess Mishka.

For Lee Daniels

Today there is a special theme as we have lost a lovely lady this week, our friend on G+ and a beautiful photographer +Lee Daniels who lost her battle with cancer. So as Lee specially loved flowers (and cats, so that further endeared her to me) this Christmas Cactus flower is for  #FleurdeLee and   #RememberingLeeDaniels .
Also for
#floralfriday +FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson +Eustace James