Fine Detail

Steven Kennard at work - Ellie Kennard 2019
Steven Kennard at work – Ellie Kennard 2019

The detailed and meticulous work that goes into one of Steven’s boxes is sometimes not easy to imagine when you see the polished finished piece. Here I went into the workshop to capture a stage of the box he is making. This is the Hat in a Box. The original finished piece can be seen here: Steven Kennard Turned Work

Steven is forming the top of the ‘legs’ of the box, but you can also see the metal rods that will connect the legs to the body. The legs are snakewood, while the body of the box is African Blackwood. The bowl in the base is also snakewood. The hat is African Blackwood turned and textured.

Coffee by Steven courtesy of Rancilio, Mug by Teresa Wingar of Ontario


For #coffeethursday courtesty of the two who love to see these on a Thursday – +Stuart Dyckhoff and +Jason Kowing

This gorgeous little mug is just the right size for a small Americano (almost a straight espresso). We love the work of this lovely potter, Teresa Wingar. Her sense of colour and the attention to detail in her patterns make her one of our favourite craftsmen. We each brought home a small mug made by Teresa as a souvenir of our visit to Ontario and her studio.

We're glad to be home, though we had a wonderful time with friends and family while we were away.

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