Baby, It's Cold Outside! – 58/365

Don't these look as if they are staring out the window, wide eyed, shocked by the snowy landscape, feeling warm and beautifully lit by the winter morning sun? Almost looks like eyes with a round 'O' mouth, while one is twisted around even more to see what's going on out there. That's how I see them, anyway. They are like a ray of sunshine in the room, even when the sun is no longer shining. So I hope they warm and brighten your day, too!

My dear friends who bring me flowers came by to visit us yesterday – to meet Joni of course. And they brought these flowers. They also brought a big bag of toys and treats for Joni. (She was pretty pleased to meet them, you might imagine! 😉 )

Thank you, Norma and Katheryn, you are so thoughtful, caring and generous as always. 

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