Spirea Bouquet (with Bug)

Spirea flowers in multiple exposure - Ellie Kennard 2016
Spirea flowers in multiple exposure – Ellie Kennard 2016

I love how white spirea blooms can completely fill a hedge and brighten up a late spring landscape. When the bushes are left to grow, they reach quite a height and are a mass of tiny white flowers. I tried many times (on this and other occasions) to photograph them, using my macro lens as they are very small, but a documentary photograph did not seem to do justice to the profusion of blossoms. A macro lens multiple exposure seemed to give a much better representation and it even hides a tiny bug in the middle of it (if you can see it!).

We have a hedge right in front of my kitchen window, which is where I took this photograph. All through the rest of the year we find the shrub a nuisance and threaten to pull it out, but when it is in bloom, I love to see it.

Enjoy your week everyone!

View the blur gallery below for more multiple exposure images:

When Life is a Blur



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  1. Ah, Ellie. These are marvelous. Some I remember fondly. Others were a new experience. Both..wonderful. I love blur land! I also have an “Ya gotta laugh” story I thought you might enjoy.

    After several months of unrelenting migraines…and an unrelenting doctor who has been talking to me about this for some time…I decided to try the Botox treatment. It’s 31 shots of poison (botox is a poison) into my head and neck. Not fun, but sounds worse than it was. AFTER the treatment, the doctor said, “Oh…and it doesn’t do anything for the first three months, but the second treatment kicks in right away (usually).” NOW he tells me! Ah well. The stuff was already in my head, not much I could do. Sure enough, it’s been a bit of a trial, but no worse than before so that’s good. THEN (the ta da! moment) I noticed something. You know those forehead lines we all get? The nasty little things that could be a staff on a sheet of music but without the notes? Well…I now have the SMOOTHEST forehead ever! There really IS a silver lining to just about any cloud! Every time I think about it I giggle. Hope you do too.

    1. Thanks so much for that lovely comment about the blur images, Sandra!

      And I did indeed laugh about your poison line removal! I only hope that the result was also the removal of the migraines. They are horribly debilitating, I really feel for anyone who suffers.
      Your description of those lines made me laugh. You would have thought that with those lines you would also have musical notes placed on them. But perhaps we all do. In the music of our lives! (Glad yours are smoothed over, though.)

  2. Ellie you have been having fun and yes some very nice images . I love the dizzy one of Steve on the mower when the throttle stuck .
    Remember as we age everything slowly goes out of focus so it will become easier ….

    1. Thanks a lot, Len. Yes, lots of fun, taking more care than might be apparent! But you are so right about the aging bit. It becomes easier every day.

  3. I really like the dreamy feeling that the multiple exposure gives to these! It is much more room for self imagination than one documentary photograph would be able to give!

  4. Happy Monday, +Ellie Kennard! So when I made this shot bigger to try and find the bug, I found no bug, but I found a face. To me it could be a dog, a tiger, or even maybe a horse with a flowered hat. Said face, that I see, is on the right. This is a beautiful shot, Ellie, of such delicate flowers, even with a face front and right/center ;-D

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