So Len Wanted to See How Deep it Was

For Len, who wanted me to take a photograph of myself standing in snow which was above my knees. The snow has a hard layer that I am standing on, which means that it only comes up to my knees and I don't sink any further. There is more snow, I just don't weigh enough to go deeper. I am, however, 100 lbs heavier than Joni who danced around me on the surface as it was firm enough to hold her 15 lbs weight. So here you see how deep it was, at least that layer. I got a couple of near abstracts while she attempted to push me over, to distract me from the photo shoot I was on. 

There you go, +Len Phillips. Positively the last snow post (or any post) today, I promise!

#SnowySaturday  curated by  +John Fujimagari +#SnowySaturday

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  1. +Janet Patterson – of course my boots are standing on packed snow, so although it only comes to my knees there, it is a longer way down to the actual ground. Still, it's as close as I was going to get to give some idea.
    +Jillian Chilson – deep enough for two snowfalls! Not as deep as all winter, for sure, but the rest is there…
    +Heiko Mahr – fortunately we are on a hill, so when it melts it all runs down to lower ground. 😀
    Thanks +Ursula Klepper – I was going to pretend that I had gone all Rasta and that those were my coloured dreadlocks, but I think you might have guessed it was not! A hand made scarf with wonderful long tassles that Joni loves to jump after!

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