Snowbank Adventures Part 2


When Joni is leaping around at high speed on top of snow banks you just have to keep on snapping, hoping that some will catch a special moment. This was taken the same time as yesterday's image, but this time she is framed nicely by the green and the snowbank. When she's having so much fun she doesn't always look up when you call her name to try to get her attention. This time she did.

This was the photograph I meant to post yesterday, but mixed them up. So this is a double Joni billing, celebrating the fact that this is the featured image on the +Woof Wednesday​ page #woofwednesday curated by +Sandra Nesbit​ and +Debbie Drummond
With thanks also to the folks at +HQSP Animals​, #hqspanimals in particular +Andy Smith+Nicol Eh​ and +Shannon Adelson
And of course to +Animalia#animalia curated by +Adelphe BACHELET​ – merci Adelphe!

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  1. Actually it's just hovering over the freezing point now, but with a lot of snow falling. Joni and I had a wet walk this afternoon, with the snow very heavy on my snowshoes and my gloves very wet when I had picked up her stick to throw a few times. +Ursula Klepper – I hope you get some cold weather with lovely snow!

  2. +Linda Jess – we can't wait for that time either! More snow due tomorrow 😀

    We have a few good breeders near here including Joni's, who bred our last one too, +Valiant Player so were spoiled for choice. Finding the right dog is not easy if you can't see them locally. I hope you find one.

    It probably would, +Debbie Drummond – I must try to get into taking videos, I am just not comfortable with the whole process, especially as winter gives such high contrast with snow and sun and black fur!

    Thanks a lot +Alen Ianni – I'm glad you like it.

    +Laura McLeod – she brings a smile to our faces every time we see her, so if I manage to transfer that to the viewers in my photographs of her, why then I have acomplished my mission. 😀

    Thanks a lot +Sunny Wu

    Thank you +Christina Lihani

    Not easy as I'm sure you appreciate +Shelly Gunderson – thanks!

    Snow is now on the way to you from here (as we have more coming tomorrow I know we can spare it for you, +Ursula Klepper ) Watch for it!

    Thank you +phaga tasoon

    +HQSP Animals and +Shannon Adelson (belated) thanks very much for the comment and reshare!

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