Sculptural Exhibition #1



Over a few days I have been attending a most wonderful sculptural exhibition in my own back yard. The sculptor is the most creative imaginative artist ever known! I wandered through the display alone, no distracting crowds to get in my way. But I couldn't help feeling that it was a shame that most people missed it on that day as it was truly breathtaking and, as it is a constantly evolving exhibition, today it looks completely different again. The joys of Canadian winter weather that can turn a field into a moonscape or fabulous mountain range overnight!

Google Plus Nature Challenge

Day 1 of 5

I have been challenged by my friend +Tom Crews to participate in a 5-day Nature Challenge. I have been asked to post one nature photo each day for 5 consecutive days. I am asked to name a new challenger on each of my 5 days. Today I am challenging my friend +Carol Ayala to provide us with some of her lovely nature photos for the next five days. (No pressure, Carol, but I hope you do it!) The photos should be shared publicly using the text here (edited of course). Have fun!

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#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape curated by +Michael Garza +Leo Schubert +David D +Jesse Martineau +Mike Hankey +Peter Marbaise

#myownbackyard by +Craig Pifer

#PhotoManiaCanada by +Giselle Savoie +Mark HELM


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  1. +Ursula Klepper you are right, the snow might fall soft but then with a bitter wind and perhaps sun making it a bit soft it forms these shapes then freezes solid. So when I walk on it although it is maybe 3 feet deep, sometimes I am on the surface with my snowshoes, (in the areas which have shiny spots on it) and then right next to it will be areas where I will sink down into softer snow. So far it has not reached 0 yet, so it's only the sun that starts to melt it. Spring soon, I hope. 😀


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