Portrait (After the style of Modigliani)


Week 19/26: Long Exposure

While not as long an exposure as I would have liked (this is a shortish 'long exposure' of 2 seconds), this portrait is my submission for the theme. My blur mentorship taught me so much about the possibilities in using techniques to create drama, mystery and even to accentuate focus. In this case I like the mystery of this single exposure, especially converted to black and white.

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  1. +Sandra Nesbit thanks for that lovely thoughtful comment. I only thought the Modigliani when I saw the result (now the truth is out) as I hadn't planned it this way. But as you know, blur is often a result that can surprise, and sometimes will do for a project, especially when your battery is running out!

  2. Magy, thank you very much. As you know, with battery going fast I had to think on my feet and play it, as my mother used to say "Pear shaped" (which meant go with what you had). +Magy Duarte One battery down, one to go, now it should be plain sailing as I am on the home stretch.

  3. This is so gentle, Ellie. And sweet. I tried to find Modigliani in G+ but got a restaurant. I'll google it as soon as I'm done with this. This is a new one for me…so thanks for that!

    So…back from my research. Amedeo Modigliani, Italian born painter lived in and died in Paris 1920 at age 35. And yes, I do see the Modigliani feel in your photo portrait…except for one thing. Your "subject" is softer, rendered so by the blur I think. But the same starkness…simplicity of the painter's work. Great job, Ellie!

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