North Mountain, Nova Scotia, Colours Beginning to Change


This time last year we went for a drive towards Blomidon to see the early fall leaves. This scene I loved for the contrasting colours of the crop of blue (cabbages, I suspect) in the middle ground. The "North Mountain" is, in fact, a part of the Appalachian chain of mountains that stretches down into the North Eastern US. It hardly qualifies for the term 'mountain' (I can hear laughter from those who are familiar with really high mountain ranges, such as the Rockies, Himalayas, Alps etc.) as it is barely more than a line of high hills. But these deserve a little respect as it seems that the mountains are very old and therefore worn down.

The leaves are becoming really spectacular here and I hope I get a bit of nice weather to go out to see the colours this year.

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  1. I’ve been looking for time all day to read this. The Cubbies are doing quite badly tonight so it’s a relief to not pay attention to a rather painful game. Worn down mountains…ancient and wise and sister to the foothill. Love the thought and the possibility for metaphor. Thanks, Ellie.

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