My Two Boys

My Two Boys - Ellie Kennard 2015
My Two Boys – Ellie Kennard 2015

Rupert, our Cornish Rex cat has always had a special love for Steven and will sit at his feet at every meal and wait for a moment such as this when he can be snuggled right next to his face. Often Steven, even when he’s holding him is a bit distracted, but at this time I caught them both lost in each other. Rupert is 14, the cat with the sweetest personality we have ever had (and we’ve had a good few) and seems to need that close connection and affection more than ever.

I have decided not to take part in a BW project as such this year, but want to continue working in black and white and monochrome where the subject seems right for it, as in this one.

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  1. Hi Emily. I'm always happy to answer a question or a comment that has some meaning, which I did for yours. But when people just keep on adding comments that don't have any relevance, it becomes boring for others on this comment list who then get notifications about it every time. So, after this explanation, I hope you will understand how G+ comments work and which ones I reply to and don't (and why). 😀 +Emily Hooper

  2. That's just what there is, thanks very much +Susanne Stelle

    Thanks so much +Ursula Klepper – that was my thinking, too. 🙂

    +Marie, LMB thank you very much. I'm so glad you like it.

    He probably was thinking that, or that he should be rubbing Steve's ears, +Linda Jess but he was really quite relaxed, actually.

    Thanks a lot +Shelly Gunderson – he really is.

    Thanks so much +Sumit Sen

    +Roxanne Bouche' Overton thank you, Roxanne. Perfect for the Moments collection I thought.

    Thank you +CindyLouise Bartholomew

    +phaga tasoon yes, two best friends!

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