Love Me, Love My Blue Ball – 82/365

Now I know why Joni loves Steven so much! I have discovered that dogs can see the colour blue, which is why Joni's favourite toys are blue – her blue ball and her blue Wubba, for example. And if you look at Steven's eyes…. well they are very blue! Dogs can see blues and yellows, but not shades of red, or green. Mystery solved. I think she loves him for different reasons too.

Steven was giving Joni a cuddle and I thought I would get another photograph of them, and as they turned around and I pointed the camera, I saw that Joni had her blue ball in her mouth. She loves that blue ball still.

This was taken last Wednesday, April 2nd (yes, taken on the day for the project, I am back on track, just late in posting). I'm catching up. See my postings on my website

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