Joni's New Toy – 26/365

Joni got a new toy on Saturday, given to her by the lovely little boy who lives across the road. Actually he brought her several toys as he is almost her greatest admirer. She is a very appreciative receiver of gifts, always playing very enthusiastically with whatever comes her way. If she could stick to her toys that would be no bad thing, but I guess at 8 weeks she still has a lot to learn.   #noapologies  for another puppy pic. Hope it makes you all smile.

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  1. N'est pas +Rébecca Roblin ?
    Me too +Naomi Oakes :-), especially this one!

    Thanks so much Janet. She certainly is both endearing and a star (around here at least). And, no, not usually. I have had to get my flash gun out to catch these moments! And I don't think I've ever had a smarter dog. She learns so fast it's hard to believe – though she's not the first border collie we've had as you know. +Janet Patterson

    Thanks +Kathleen Gick – it's lovely to have you visit my page again.

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