Joni Putting on her Welcoming Face for a Small New Friend


At last, another treat for the followers of Joni and Her Collection!

It's been a while since we showed her softer side as usually she wears the intense and focused expression so common in this breed. This time I caught her watching a bee that was crawling around on the ground. She seems to be able to spot an insect or worm wherever it is in the grass and usually alerts me to it by a cycle of dancing around it barking in excitement first, then trying to pat it with her paw and finally sitting down and putting on her friendliest look, hoping that it will be enticed to play with her. Then she starts the whole performance again. This shows her friendly face stage.

Joni will be 2 years old in December so she is still a young dog and finds delight in her discoveries every day as does a child. When I see her doing this I am often able to share in her excitement and have seen many tiny wonders just from watching her.

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