Joni on Hummingbird Watch


Actually Joni was not on hummingbird watch at all, I was supposed to be. I had set my camera and myself in a good place, hoping to catch the hummingbirds as they hovered amongst the flowers on the hosta. I was sitting quietly in a chair where I knew I would not disturb them and I would get an unobstructed view of the plants and the visitors. It was a peaceful quiet sunny late afternoon. Perfect. I was only worried that I might doze off in the warmth of the sun.

All of a sudden I was jolted out of my peaceful reverie and all the birds flew off in a panic. I felt a frisbee land on my foot. Joni was on frisbee watch! It didn't matter how politely (or sternly) I asked her to go somewhere else, or how many times I threw it for her, she wouldn't leave me or the frisbee alone. The hummingbirds were well and truly gone for the day, frightened of being hit by either a flying frisbee or flying Joni. Sometimes I think that Joni doesn't quite get this photography thing.

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  1. 😀 But different breeder. Actually Steven just pointed out how much your Skye looks more like our old Joni, who was longer haired. I'm not sure if the two breeders have stock related to the other, but not as far as I know. Joni's grandmother came from Scotland. Take a look at the original one:
    freckles as well.
    This last Joni who died in October 2013 came from Greg as well and is related to this one. +Shamik Tobin

  2. Yes always wanting attention if I play with one dog the other wants to play then I play with that dog the other one wants to play it's really annoying so I rather call my brother

  3. Haha! dogs love to do exactly this! when I sit in the grass trying to shoot some macro or something else Mira comes and lies down exactly in the way so that I have a "nice" black background! :oD

  4. Ha indeed! +Lynn David Newton – yes, she did! Our squirrels are not in the least interested in sugary water, so when we had feeders they didn't try to get into them. But the bird seed feeders are a different story. We stopped with the feeders a couple of years ago and try to have flowers that they can feed from.

  5. Ha! Joni photobombed your hummingbird pics, eh?

    At my dentist's office in Phoenix, they had a feeder right outside the window, viewable from patient rooms, and they almost always had activity going on there. The only trouble was they had some competition from squirrels that also wanted to get into feeder, though they'd have to jump to it.

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