Joni in the New Snow – 50/365

Sometimes our weather seems to come out of nowhere. I think we were supposed to get flurries in the night. Flurries, for the uninitiated means  "a very light snow that is rather brief and does not produce a measurable amount of snow (minimum of a tenth of an inch)".

Instead, this morning I woke up to a fresh fall of snow of 6-8" or around 20 cm. Steven was a little dismayed as that meant he had to spend the first 2.5 hours of his morning clearing it from the drive. Joni was delighted. She can still walk on top of the last fall which formed a crust and again finds it easier going under the trees where it is less deep. I am a lot heavier (!) and so I sink right in, well above my boots and even above my knees in the open areas. For the #fansofjoni  we have another Joni feature today! 😀

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  1. Oh yes, +Heiko Mahr she is in her element. All she needs is a flock of sheep and she will be the happiest dog in the world. In the meantime she has to be content with two cats to herd. 🙂 And yes, 8" is a lot, on top of 8" on top of 8" and etc. etc. It gets deep.

  2. +Patrick Smith – it's our second (our last one died at 13 years old in October. We missed her so much we had to get a puppy.)

    Thanks a lot +Shelly Gunderson – it's a bit like having a new baby, isn't it? But a puppy has a universal attraction and my time of taking puppy pics is fast going, so I am (as they say) making hay while the sun shines. 😀

    Thanks +Ursula Klepper – and you are right! I loved the tree needles so much, as they seemed so delicate under the snow.

    Thank you +madan lal 

    It could be, +Mary Wardell – and thank you.

    Thanks again +Thomas Henry 

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