Joni at the Gawky Teenager Stage (107/365)

It seems as if I am back walking the old Joni in the mornings, back to the top of the same rise beside the field, her nose covered in the drops of rain or dew, with her just giving me 'that look' when I call her name. This time, although the drops of dew on the muzzle and the quizzical 'look' are the same, instead of the lovely long coat and graceful shape of the mature border collie, this young Joni seems to be all legs and feet. Her ears are not yet settled into the final look and her tail still has that half grown twist at the end. I love to see the stages of growth, treasuring every moment even more in remembering the old 'Joni'.

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  1. +Ellie Kennard Yes! That is why when we got Moe, we originally thought he was a Border Collie, until he was about 30lbs larger than the average BC and he absolutely hates to run… He is bred for short bursts of strength and to have the patience to keep a large animal, like a bear or elk (hence Karelian Bear Dog), in a specific spot for hours if necessary. He is fearless, to the death, but conserves energy instead of spends it, in case he was to be keeping prey cornered for hours. 

    If my husband asks him if he wants to go run, he goes and hides in the bathroom and refuses to come out…

  2. Thanks so much +Heiko Mahr – and +Steven Kennard has posted (and will be posting shortly) more images for #fansofjoni  😀

    An excellent description, +Susanne Stelle and that's partly why I took this photograph as soon that sweet ungainly look will be gone.

    +Ursula Klepper – again, I am so glad I got this because now her ears are behaving normally and she doesn't have one sitting in the middle of forehead!! Thanks for the comments, my friend.

    Thank you, +Sunny Wu 

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