Joni and the Wubba

We have wonderful, kind and loving friends – Katheryn and Norma – who also love dogs. Katheryn had told me how much her dog loved his ‘Wubba’. A week or so ago they turned up to meet Joni with a big bag full of toys and treats for her (and a bunch of flowers for me). They apologized that the toys did not include a Wubba, as they had not managed to find one. It didn’t matter to Joni, who knew nothing about it and who loved all the toys in the bag and loved Katheryn and Norma, of course (what puppy wouldn’t appreciate friends who turn up with bags of gifts and make a big fuss of you?).

Only a few days later, there was a knock on the door. When I opened it, there was Katheryn, with a brand new Wubba for Joni. It has become one of her most favourite toys. I have been trying to get a photograph of her playing with it, so that they could see what a success it was, but it has not been easy. It’s a toy that has to be shaken and thrown about, not the easiest thing to catch on a still photograph. Yesterday, as Joni paused for breath, I did finally catch that moment. #JonisDiary  #AdayinthelifeofJoni #fansofJoni #puppy

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  1. Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen 

    We do too, +Lindi Smith – her face is a classic. You just want to cuddle it!

    We do, +Mandy Allen and she deserves all the attention as she is the sweetest natured thing.

    Thank you very much +Tanya Stollznow 

    +Ursula Klepper – they do have them in Germany: – they are great dog toys!

    +David Miller – 9?? Joni would be ecstatic! They are terrific, for sure. Very satisfying to shake about your head as the flaps make a satisfying slap (I imagine).

    It is, +Susanne Stelle – she thinks so, for sure.

    She really does, +Debbie Bridgeman – and we enjoy it with her.

    Thank you +Virendra Parekh 

    Thank you so much as always +Robert SKREINER and thank you to +DOG LOVERS Worldwide and the other supportive members of your team +Roswitha Böhmer as well as +Thomas Henry (who commented also above). I appreciate the reshare very much.

    Thanks +neeraj vats . We do love our pets.

  2. Getting to answer all of these lovely comments – so sorry to be so long!

    She is indeed +Sofie Løve Forsberg – and it was just the best thing when she did!

    Thanks so much +Shelly Gunderson 

    +Darcee McCutcheon – it is so much my pleasure to share with any who love dogs or just like to see pictures of puppies! I'm glad that you are enjoying it. 😀

    Thank you so much +Jasbir S. Randhawa – and we really did pick a winner with this little one. We, too, have always had dogs in our family and this one is really shaping up to be one of the best. It's hard to get much done when she is sitting at your feet (especially when the blue ball is nearby!).

    Thanks as always +Thomas Henry 

    Just what we say, all the time, +Leakessa Smith 🙂

    You are welcome to share in Joni's life with us +Lee Carroll and I am more than delighted that you are enjoying it. Border collies are a lot of work, but with the big garden that we have and an invisible fence, things are a lot easier. Everyone is more relaxed and she gets the exercise she needs, which seems to be a constant requirement at the moment.

    This is a great idea someone came up with, as they do seem to love them. No pool here, but she is always delighted when I give her this one to enjoy +Richard Ball 

    Thank you +Sunny Wu – we think so.

    I'm glad you enjoyed reading it +Christina Lihani – I love to share our fun times with her. 

    Ah! The blue ball again +Patrick Smith – seems to be a common theme with border collies!

    +Julie Molloy 🙂

    There are different ones, +Sharon Stone – but absolutely worth it. They are made by Kong.

    But then that is better than destroying something of ours, +Josephine Robertson – so I won't mind if she does. And they have such a great time doing so!

  3. Wubbas are great toys, I have 3 GSD's that love these. Sitting here writing this I count 9 on the floor now. They are "almost" indestructible but my GSD's eventually tear it apart.

  4. Aha! It's the blue ball inside of one of those things that my Border Collie loves so much. Somehow he doesn't destroy it despite wrecking the expensive throw toy in a few minutes.

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