Gerber Daisy Centre – 59/365

Gerber daisy centre 1:1 macro - Ellie Kennard 2014
Gerber daisy centre 1:1 macro – Ellie Kennard 2014

This is a very close up (macro, 1:1 view) of the interior of one of the beautiful Gerber daisies that I was given as a gift last week. I love the way the little curled inner petals (?) look almost as if they are edible. The bits of pollen everywhere are almost untidy (where are the bees when you need them?) but of course I don’t keep indoor bees and the outdoor ones are hopefully well protected from the cold. I hope you enjoy this luscious flower and will forgive me if I have not been as interactive as usual on your posts. 😀 It has been for a very good cause. 

This past week has been so busy with other commitments that I have had no time to post the images which I have been taking. So I will do what I can to catch up in my project.

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  1. Thanks very much Sumit. +Sumit Sen 

    +Jasbir S. Randhawa – thanks a lot!

    Aren't they amazing +Swee Oh ?

    Thanks so much +Sharon Stone 

    +Patricia dos Santos Paton thanks so much, as always.

    Thanks Sandra +Sandra Parlow 

    Thank you Shelly +Shelly Gunderson 

    +Sunny Wu – I'm glad you like it.

    Thank you for that +Jeff Moreau – they are really amazing.

    You are so right, Ursula! They are like miniature worlds of detail to be discovered. +Ursula Klepper – thank you very much.

    Thank you +Vanessa Fiedler 

  2. How different and unexpected things look if you get really cloth to them and find out so many details! ….. It's a world of it's own, that's why I love macros! And yours is so lovely!! xo

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