Fingers of Light


Why is it that when you have an actual appointment (with a time, rather than a vague 'see you tomorrow morning') you see a scene before you that is so unusual and beautiful that it forces you to stop? I hate being late, but with such moments, you just have to pull over and pick up the camera (I was so glad I had it with me). This was such a scene. I hadn't time to compose it carefully, nor to deliberate as to the best vantage point. I was on a road, traffic was passing us and this severely restricted me. I took 2 photographs and then had to get back into the car and carry on. The fingers of light were reaching down through the clouds towards the hills that were shrouded in mist. The Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

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  1. Jasbir, thank you very much, my friend +Jasbir S. Randhawa

    +Sarah Simpson – thank you so much for that lovely comment. If I had been driving I might not have pulled over. As it was Steven and he offered… well I got it. I know what you mean. It can be stressful when driving, especially if I am concerned about disrupting the traffic.

  2. That was exactly what I thought, +Lynn David Newton! Thank you 😀

    Thanks a lot, +Shelly Gunderson

    Thank you very much, Bill. +William McLean

    +HQSP Landscape +David D – thank you very much and thanks also for the reshare.

    Linda, thanks so much. I have to thank +Steven Kennard (whose photograph this might almost have been). He was driving and volunteered to stop. 😀 +Linda Villers

    +Samanta Cara – thank you.

    Thanks a lot, my dear +Sofie Løve Forsberg

    Merci beaucoup +Paul Paradis

    +Margaret Tompkins – thank you very much and it is my pleasure, Margaret.

    Thanks so much for stopping by yourself, +Ursula Klepper – I am so glad to share it with you, my friend. xo

    +Maria Cândida Teixeira – gracias!

    Thanks a lot. Gina. +Gina Beck – like my friend Linda told me 'you always have your camera with you'. 🙂 It pays off sometimes.

    Thanks a lot, Eric, +Sunny Wu

    Sumit, thanks very much .

    +Philip Daly thank you very much.

  3. Amazing +Ellie Kennard!! The photograph is stunning, I'm in awe of your ability to stop. I often find myself in that exact situation but I haven't the resolve to pull over. I don't know what it is that prevents me, but it's something I alway kick myself for later!


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