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During the days when the film crew from Breakwater Film Studios was here with Steven in his workshop, I took some photos of the two of them, as they said that they had no pictures of themselves working. I didn't take nearly enough, as I was so busy being crew caterer and special craft effects operator, but this one was one that I am posting as it so nearly made the grade for the week 4 theme Emotion for the #BWProject26

I hope no one minds me posting a second one for this theme, but I couldn't resist it. As to the emotion? Confusion? Doubt? Disbelief? They all work. Cinematographer (fancy word for cameraman) +David Bolen and head scratcher/film star +Steven Kennard with producer director +Ben Proudfoot out of sight but in the moment. (That's some lens, don't you think? I think that was one of the things that Steven was scratching his head about.)

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  1. +Janice Hackney – I was so pleased when I saw his expression in the background. 😀

    Thanks a lot +Shelly Gunderson – what we could do with one of those, right? If we could only hold it!

    Thanks a lot +James Skinner – nice to see a comment from you, my friend.

    +Derek Trixie Kennard – Oliver Hardy was on the end of the camera that took this picture. 😀

    +Eric Bouvier Эрик Бувье thank you.

    It was a prize moment, +Joyce Fay

  2. I thought so, +Christina Lihani – rather like a confused teddy bear?! 😉 Thanks Christina.

    Thanks so much +Ursula Klepper you see how hard it can be to be a celebrity! LOL – now that you are one yourself. Be prepared to have the film crews moving in soon.

    I'm glad you liked it, thanks a lot +Giselle Savoie

    I did, didn't I, +Mari Luukkonen ha ha! Thanks Mari.

    You are so right, +Alison Christensen – a certain amount of lens envy was going on in those filming days.

    +Heiko Mahr – thanks a lot!

    Thank you +Gernot Glaeser

  3. It is a lovely picture and I do like Steve’s expression. One of those moments you are glad you had your camera handy

    1. Thanks a lot, Linda. Yes you are right but I didn’t when see his expression when I was taking it! 🙂 It was only when I was processing it.

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