Dances with Blurs

Rotation Blur- Ellie Kennard 2015
Rotation Blur- Ellie Kennard 2015

Plus Post Week 2 Blurs and Unsharp Photography: Guided Play 2015

This week has passed in a blur. I’m having so much fun and I feel like a puppy, dancing from picture to picture that I have taken, thinking “I love this one best, … and this one… and this one… and this one!” The techniques that we are learning this week are really unleashing a creativity that I only guessed that I might have and I feel a bit like these flowers that seem to be sucking in whirling colour and energy from the atmosphere in the mentorship and the world around me to be even more colourful and vibrant. Yes, it’s a learning process that I will keep working at even once the mentorship is finished, but the seeds that have been sown in my photographic mind will only continue to produce more and better results with time and practice.

I see the same delight in each of those on the program sharing their wonderful images and each again has a unique way of applying the material we are learning. What a great group of people there is taking part. I want to thank each one of them, students playmates and helpers alike for the support and encouragement they give me (and all of us) as I go through the learning playing process. Special thanks has to go to Alex Lapidus who must be the only person I know who can survive thrive on only one or two hours of sleep a night, spending the rest of his time on the computer looking at our pictures. It seems to make him even more encouraging and helpful. Unbelievable!
Thanks also to the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers for making all this possible.

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  1. I can understand it being both interesting and fun Ellie.
    Would have loved to be part of it but did not even apply as did not feel could justify taking up a place.
    Maybe there will be something to pass on about the course and techniques ?

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