A Dream of Country Sunsets

Dream of a country sunset - multiple exposure - Ellie Kennard 2016
Dream of a country sunset – multiple exposure – Ellie Kennard 2016

A path that runs along the side of a field that’s near our house has always given the best view of sunsets within a 5 minute walk. As we have so many trees around us and the ground rises in the direction of the setting sun, the most glorious bursts of colour in the evenings can go completely unnoticed if we don’t make a special effort to get to this clearing. Yesterday night I saw the reflections in the clouds in the east and practically ran out with Joni, camera (and blue ball) in hand, hoping I was not too late. The display was almost over when I got there, but the landscape has changed since my last sunset visit there. For the first time in 19 years the farmer has planted corn in that field that has lain fallow for so long. The ripening crop stands about 3 feet taller than my head, with the path on a much lower level. The foliage makes an interesting silhouette in the foreground, but the (in camera) multiple exposure gives such a dreamy feel that I decided to share this. Dreams of country sunsets.

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  1. Hi Mate …. Ellie why not tell the truth that you fell over on the path and had the shutter on burst …. accidents do happen 😉

  2. Thanks so much +Prue Stopford – love your description!

    Thank you +Sumit Sen

    Thanks a lot +Dyla – and with no ICM (just changed the point of view for each of the in camera exposures. Sometimes it works better than other times (I took another which was not nearly as pleasing to me). 6 shots total blended as I was taking them.

    +Beena R – thanks a lot, my friend!

    I hoped it would not be considered a corny photo +Alex Lapidus – thanks a lot!!

    +Sunny Wu – thank you!

    Thanks +Eve Aebi!

    Thanks so much +Linda Jess – we have had a few good skies lately (I have heard about most of them, after the fact!)

    +Karolina Trapp – thank you very much!

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