Coffee Time – 77/365

This was taken last Thursday especially for Coffee Thursday, curated by my friend +Stuart Dyckhoff (among others). Just didn't get to post it then so am posting it today for tomorrow (late and early), if that makes sense.

We love to collect pottery mugs made by artisans and we picked this one up in Ontario. I love the pattern and find that the coffee tastes even better in it. I had to give myself a double expresso in it to have it show properly in the photograph. So I was buzzing for a while that morning. But it was in a very good cause. 😀

For #CoffeeThursday by +Jason Kowing +Maki Silberberg +Sairam Sundaresan +Stuart Dyckhoff
#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

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  1. We're coffee lovers here. Buy only decent beans, grind it, drink it black. Only. I can't tolerate the thought of putting something in coffee. I'd say were connoisseurs, but we truly drink it by the gallon. The 17-cup maker is usually empty and ready for its second round by about 9:00. So we're more like the coffee drinkers' equivalent of winos.

    My cup is empty. Back to the kitchen.

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