Mother Earth : Louise Pentz’ Voice in the Conversations with Makers Series

Once again, +Ben Proudfoot  and team at Breakwater Studios, courtesy of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and Craft Alliance has produced a powerful cameo of a gifted craftsman. He has done a masterful and sensitive job at enabling Louise Pentz to tell her story. This is such a beautiful profile, another 10 minute video from the series that is well worth watching. Just look at the faces on those figures!

Official Trailer to the Series of 6 Conversations with Makers: “LIfe’s Work”

The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council has written about this great series: (from
“Life’s twists, challenges, surprises, and possibilities have been captured by filmmaker Ben Proudfoot in a new series of short documentary videos called Life’s Work:  Six Conversations with Makers.   The trailer forLife’s Work, containing clips from all six videos, is being released today.”

“Life’s Work introduces viewers to six of Nova Scotia’s master craftspeople.   Through the videos we get to visit them in their studios, and learn a little about their lives and what inspires their creativity.   “The satisfaction that you get from actually making something with your own hands can’t be described,” says woodturner Steven Kennard, “The joy and the delight!”
Stone, featuring stone carver Heather Lawson was released last week.  Turns, featuring Steven Kennard will be released on Vimeo on May 5, followed by Mother Earth (May 19), Fibre & Wood (June 2), Lady Bug(June 16), and Rust (June 30).
Directed by Ben Proudfoot of Breakwater Studios International Ltd., Life’s Work is a collaboration between Craft Alliance Atlantic Association and the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council.  Funding for the project was provided by ACOA Nova Scotia and Film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia who recognized and supported the opportunity to celebrate and promote our vibrant culture, our talented craftspeople, and our beautiful province to a global audience.
“There’s something that turns me on about the fact that, at the end of the day here’s something that I think is very cool that didn’t exist in the morning.  It wasn’t there last week.  It didn’t exist last year.  And here it is,” says sculptor Gordon Kennedy, “If you want to do things, do it.  This isn’t the dress rehearsal.  What matters is life.  Life matters.  Live it.””