In the Sun

Rupert in the barrel in the sun
Rupert in the sun

Rupert, a red tabby Cornish Rex, loved this carpet-lined barrel placed next to the window in the sun. He used to watch everything that was going on in the garden through the screen. Those who knew him still talk about him, remembering his lovely character. Happy Caturday all!

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Aja Dreaming

Aja Dreaming

Aja Dreaming

Aja, our beautiful Cornish Rex cat likes to sit on the top of a speaker by the woodstove, apparently dreaming. Obviously she likes it there because it’s nice and warm, but I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable. Do you want to see who she’s dreaming about? Here he is!

Boz is Aja’s grandson and all being well will come to his new home early in December. Something for us all to dream about!